nettieT, aTp Consultants has been serving the
special needs population as a RESNA certified
Professional since 1998. As an Assistive
Technology consultant, Nettie specializes in the
many aspects associated with Assistive
Technology (A T), from assessing to determine
functional A T options, i.e, services and
equipment needs, to the implementation of
appropriate and functional assistive technology
options for persons of unique needs to allow
them to be the best of who they are.


The intent and purpose of Assistive Technology
is to provide a person who is differently ‘abled,’
the opportunity to function in their daily
activities and environments, and achieve their
full potential.


We hope you will find this site helpful by
providing, but not limiting its contents to, the
following information:


Define AT (Assistive Technology)
Define AAC (Augmentative and
Alternative Communication)
Provide links to A T/AAC Resource sites,
Vendor Sites and Freeware sites
Maintain a Frequently Asked Questions Page
List services provided by nettieT, aTp



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